Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Cup O' Doodle, sketches.


  1. loving the 3rd singer!

  2. Hey Don.. My name is Dustin Burkes, I am a freelance illustrator/concept designer. A friend of mine, Genarro Morra, passed along your blog info today and told me to reach out to you. I am very much a fan of your style and work, very wonderful work. I wasn't sure if it was you that ran the Cup o' Doodle blog, but I am very much interested in participating in the blog if you would allow me. I am constantly looking for new outlets and ways to network, not to mention I've been looking for a place with like minded artists and talent to share doodles and sketches with. Sorry for the long winded message but feel free to check out my blog: www.dustyart.blogspot.com or my website at www.dustyart.com. I look forward to talking more with you!

  3. myfriend don..
    im fans of your artwoooork:)
    want to see moaarrrr from you..
    keep up the good work..