Saturday, September 04, 2010

color study process.

So I've never done any process paintings but decided to do this more for myself to figure stuff out. I need to learn more about color and lighting and rendering. I grabbed a photo which was from ( I did a cartoony girl drawing first nothing to fancy. Then I went into photoshop and simply color sampled straight from the photo and applied the colors to the drawing. This was all a learning tool for myself to help see exactly what was happening to the colors according to where the light was and colors according to the different areas of the face.

The end image I added blur and a couple adjustment layers...curves for contrast and hue/saturation for punching colors out. I also kept the lines in because I was really focused on color.

...need to learn more. I could tell you what I was thinking during this process but I am currently to lazy to type it all out. maybe later.

Friday, September 03, 2010

This blog is dusty!

This isn't much at all, but I felt bad for not posting in such a long time.